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VRG Web Design combines the finest talent, creativity, and engineering in every service we provide. Our dedicated teams work with our clients to produce responsive sites that work. In order to make it easy for our clients, we have created a few standard web design packages and follow a design process to ensure client satisfaction.

When deciding on a web developer to create your new site, the design process and integration with your branded social media assets are important factors to ensure your expectations will be met.  This is why VRG does not hide the ball, but rather explains up front how we work.

We start each custom designed website with some basic concepts.  The first step is an onboarding call and completion of a website design brief which gathers information about not only the site, and the client, but also the main competitors and what they are doing well.  At that point, we create a graphic design which is based upon the gathered information and ask for feedback from our client.  We then make revisions to the design until the client is happy and is able to sign off on the graphics.  We then start the coding to ensure the website, social media interactions will work well with Google and Bing as well as ensure it is in compliance with the ADA standards so that all users can interact with the website..

The website will also work in conjunction with its social media counterparts such as an enhanced Facebook Business Page as well as Twitter Feed and YouTube Channel.  Social Media Marketing starts with a great custom designed Facebook Business Page and a Twitter profile, that is synced to your blog posts and infographic submissions.  We design and program a complete micro-site on Facebook so that in the future your business has the ability to target your audience by geographic and demographic statistics as well as business interests of topics to target commercial property owners.  The page will also include a sign up for your mailing list and add new graphics to gain interest.

The next step is to have engaging content.  We help you develop creative and informative infographics, videos and images that entice your users to link and share your content, with the goal of creating a viral campaign, and case studies your clients can share on their own social media or websites.  The key is the more people link to your site, like and share your page, the higher your content will rank on your followers’ timeline as well as in the Google and Bing search engine results.

We then work to generate reviews of your business on Google, Yelp and Facebook, as Google as admitted that they take third party verified reviews into account in their ranking algorithm as importantly as inbound links from other sites as a vote of relevancy and quality.  We help you draft and send out a bulk email to all those on your mailing list who have used your services in the past and help them provide a review for you on Facebook and Google.

Once, the site goes live, we add all the tracking codes for Google analytics and to determine how many people come to your site from your Facebook ads.

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