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VRG is Google Analyitics Certified

Certified Google Analytics

VRG Web Design is proud to announce that our Senior SEO Analyst, and founder, Michael Goldstein has passed Google’s certification exam for Google Analytics.  Let Michael and our team help show you data from all channels that are directing traffic to your website, including:

  • Organic Search (search engine ranking)
  • Paid Search (pay per click)
  • Social Media
  • Referrals (Whomis sending trafic to your site)
  • Direct Traffic

Being able to monitor all the platforms allows you to review what is working well in terms of advertising, and what isn’t. Having all the data in one place makes it easy to compare the different channels. If you are currently putting money into your SEO, PPC, or Social Media Marketing, you can monitor your ROI. Perhaps you need to find out how you can maximise your social media strategy. Or your PPC campaign is not performing as well as you thought. A look at metrics like bounce rate and time on page can show you if you need to  improve your landing pages and get a better return on investment.