Top 5 ways to attract online real estate leads

Top 5 ways to attract online real estate leads

As of 2018, the real estate industry has grown enormously by 11.4%.  This growth presents a golden opportunity for real estate agents to land more real estate leads and improve their earnings.

The internet has not only enhanced real estate, it has revolutionized the way agents generate real estate leads. If your website isn’t optimized for improved lead generation, then you are really missing out. In the next few years, Millennials will make up 33% of real estate market. Of those, 90% of them will search online when they are looking for a home.

The real estate market is a very competitive one. So competitive that finding a customer who will patronize you is extremely difficult. If you don’t have a network, especially if you are just starting out, it is even tougher.

For agents finding it difficult in this industry or pushing for more publicity and productivity, these helpful tips demonstrate how to attract online real estate leads.

Website Optimization and email list sourcing

Your website is the primary source of lead generation online. It is an opportunity for you to offer your visitors real value and help them establish helpful interaction with your brand for the long-term.

Many agents miss out on this aspect. It isn’t just an opportunity for you to post content about your expertise in real estate. Rather, it is a platform to create valuable content showing your visitors how much value you can offer and how much help you can provide.

A simple way to check if your website is too company focused is by checking how many times you have written “We”. This practice is very bad because people are seeking answers for questions they have typed into Google, therefore connect with your leads by using the word “you” more often. You also may want to consider providing some type of free report on your site which will be provided after a potential client adds their email address to your mailchimp or constant contact account, as a way to gather emails addressees for a future e-mail campaign.

Use the Social Media

There are several ways to make generate interest via social media. One way is to constantly appear on local users timelines. About 1.5 billion people use Facebook and a lot of real estate agents generate up to $10,000 revenue monthly by harnessing their network Facebook. You can use Facebook for your main strategy for lead generation, but then it comes with the price of connecting with others. The most effective way is to use Facebook Ads to target potential customer across the network based upon where they live or work, and if they own a home. It converts to sales faster than just building your followers from organic posts.

Instagram is another way to connect with potential buyers because pictures and videos are proven ways to generate leads faster than contents. Both strategies require time and dedication to connect, engage and provide support.


Blogging is arguably one of the best avenue to generate leads online. But you don’t expect an old corporate blog about your company’s events to generate real estate leads. To attract prospects and convert home sales, you have to provide your readers with valuable and actionable contents. These include real estate news, tips about working with realtors, listing their home or mortgage tips. It is also very important to syndicate your blog on your social sharing sites such as Twitter, Readit, and Linkedin so that others may share your content and give your article more traction.

Video creation

Videos are great tools for lead generation for any business. Utilizing videos to give a virtual tour of a house or apartment for sale is a wise way to engage your audience. Videos convert up to 33% of the leads on the internet. Videos do not only generate leads and engage them, it also push them to get in touch with you.

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