Messenger Marketing

It’s hard to go from lead to sale without a conversation, so let’s have as many conversations as possible.  Conversations are the future of marketing. Build your customer base on strong relationships and ensure your customers come back again and again.

We start each messenger bot project by conducting a discovery meeting and evaluating your business. Then we will discuss with you if a Messenger bot can help you get to where you want to go.

Once we’ve established that a Messenger Bot can achieve the goals that your business needs, we set the specific objectives that we want to accomplish.

We present your company with exactly what VRG is going to implement and how it will reach the desired targets that we discovered through the Strategy Session.

Customizing your messenger campaign

We handle the integrations. We write the copy. We build the bot. All you have to do is provide feedback at key points so that you can be sure that your audience will be able to relate.   What kind of bot is right for your business? 

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Using the Facebook Messenger can allow a business to engage with its audience in all sorts of different ways.  For example, a business can:

Messenger Bot Examples

  • Schedule an appointment – This will allow your customers to schedule an appointment right inside Messenger.  Once they have scheduled an appointment, follow up with them in Messenger by sending a text message to make sure they don’t miss their appointment.
  • Create a Quiz using Messenger – Give your audience a way to have fun while testing their knowledge.  Make them discover more about your products and services, by providing information they are looking for.  According to Buzzsumo, 82% of people who see a quiz in their social feed will try it.
  • Offer coupons – buy one item get a free item, great for restaurants, bars and pizza shops.Would you rather go through the process of going to the App Store, installing an app, getting a coupon, going back to the website to make your purchase, or simply tap a button and get the coupon in Facebook Messenger which you already use?

Low cost

Not only do messenger bots not cost a bundle to create, but business owners can choose how much they want to spend on creating their bot. Once the bot is up and running, there’s virtually no cost to maintain it and whatever costs there are, they’ll still be very low.

Broadcast your message

Now that Facebook has smashed the organic reach of business pages, its almost impossible to notify your fans of what is going on in your business. With Messenger we can subscribe your users and send them broadcasts they will actually see and get more people to your tap takeovers and events!

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