Green Maids Cleaning Case Study

Case Study for Green Maids Cleaning

Green Maids Cleaning, LLC a New Hampshire Seacoast eco-friendly home cleaning company approached VRG Web Design when they realized that they were not getting as many new leads as they once did.  They asked VRG to help them redesign their website, enhance their social media and optimize both for search engine results.  

Green Maids Cleaning Logo

old green cleaning siteVRG started the project the same way we start every project, with a great deal of research and analysis.   After talking to Green Maids about what their biggest issues were with the site and what type of results they were currently getting, including an analysis of their Google Analytics, we reviewed the initial web design for SEO purposes.  This included conducting an analysis of their name, address and phone number as it was listed on all major search directories and local citation sites.  We also did an on-site analysis of broken links, title tags, handicap accessible coding, and other concerns that might effect Google and Bing search results.  We then conducted a review of the size of photos on the site for page speed. 

Once all the research was concluded, VRG developed several reports to discuss and submit to Green Maids, which included an SEO report for keywords and onsite issues.  We also created and presented a social media report on customer engagement, reviews, and branding

Once we were armed with all of the critical information about what was working and what was not, we discussed design concepts with Green Maids.  The first step in that was to have Green Maids complete a detailed design questionnaire.  Based upon all information, we created several design themes and then made modifications until design met with Green Maids exact desires.

cleaning girl 1

As part of the new site design, Green Maids had to have new photographs taken, as their existing photos had old colors and logos on shirts, that did not reflect the current brand.  So to start, VRG updated old photos with a color change to shirts and use of new logo through Photoshop editing.

Prior to the photography shoot, we designed custom branded labels for all cleaning products, so that customer see only Greenmaids branding in photos and not mass marketing product labels.  Then with new models, Green maids had a professional photo shoot.

photo shoot

During the process of redesigning the website, VRG also started on updating the social media profiles to include a custom cover image that met with Green Maids Branding and reorganized Facebook page to show reviews higher on the page.

Green Maids Facebook Cover image

In addition to creating the new cover image for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, VRG also created an email request for Facebook and Google Places reviews from current and former customers to help demonstrate what Green Maids current and former clients thought about their services.

After the new web design was approved, VRG created programming to enhance the website coding for a better user experience and enhance the Local SEO by:

  1. Bringing the site into compliance with all ADA requirements so that blind and deaf users can use the site
  2. Added coding so that search engines indexed all pages and that the keywords come up higher on Google and Bing searches
  3. Optimized new photos to load faster
  4. Added a contact form with conditional questions
  5. Incorporated a job application into the website

Once the new site was launched, VRG added social media collateral to promote the site where VRG:

  1. Designed a graphic announcement of the launch of the redesigned website, which received many likes and shares on Facebook, and led to several dozen clicks to the new designed site on the day the site launched.
  2. Created an infographic on a cleaning tip.
    1. Cross-posted on Facebook, Twitter, and other image sites
  3. Created an animated video on cleaning tips
    1. Added to YouTube and promote the video on Facebook as well, which helped to drive hundreds of clicks to the website
New site announceement

So at the end of the day what did Green Maids think of all the work VRG did for their website and online marketing,?  Well they told not only us, but the whole world on this verified Google review

Google Review of VRG Web Design