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Home Renovation Contractor Challenges

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Our partner company over at Kitchen Remodeling SEO, who works exclusively with home remodeling contractors has put out a great checklist of all the things that a home improvement contractor needs to do in order to optimize their GMB profile to be found in a local or “near me” search on Google.  We think this checklist can also apply to most any other service related business and as such, wanted to share the link to that checklist here.

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Local SEO Case Study

Westford web design rank increase

As an example of how much improvement can be made from doing just a few on and off page tasks, we created a new website, on our own server. We then created a few navigation links on our site with the terms Westford Massachusetts and linked those to the new site on our server. We also put in a few things in our GMB profile about Westford, and all of a sudden as evidenced by the image on this post, you can see we were able to jump 80 spots in the rankings.

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Podcast on ADA compliance for Websites

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Michael Goldstein, the owner of VRG Web Design is also a licensed attorney in Massachusetts and has practiced disability discrimination law for over 10 years.  Due to his combined experience as a lawyer working with handicap individuals and his over 20 years of experience in website design and search engine optimization, he has put together a podcast episode to discuss the issues and concerns about business owners websites need to comply with the Americans with disabilities act and also how by doing so, a website can improve in Google ranking.

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