Video Marketing

It’s 2019 and you’re still using pictures? Come on, it’s the age of YouTube and Instagram. Businesses need to stop piggybacking the old trends and hop onto the animated sales video marketing train to boost their ROI.

Not only are videos rapidly progressing, they are more engaging to the customers, and are a much better way of conveying information.

Not only can videos have a great Return on Investment (ROI) through sales, but it’s a great way of engaging customers, a tactic which increases conversions by up to 80%.

According to Wyzowl research, 74% of the users that watched an explainer video about a certain product, ended up buying the product.

Facebook marketing which use videos are much more appealing to potential customers than video / text based marketing; not only will you get more impressions, but more clicks as well.

Get a better SEO score on Google Search by using videos

Videos are a great way of improving bounce rates of your website. For one, customers will spend more time on your website; the longer exposure will create a feeling of trust between the website and google. This will tell the search engine that your website has better content, based off that video alone.

Youtube videos embedded into your website will positively affect your website’s ranking.

Videos get more shares on Social Media Platforms

Videos are better at seizing the emotions of the viewers. 76% of the users say that they would actually share branded videos such as animated sales videos to their friends if they were entertaining or informative.

Creating engaging videos that get a lot of social media shares won’t directly get you more customers, but since more people will reach those kind of videos, they will bring a larger audience that will directly increase click-through rates.

A sample of our recent video production work

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