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Since the first days of VRG Web Design's work as an agency, we've been focused on functional website design and marketing through Search Engines Optimization. Since then we've grown to cover Facebook advertising, chatbot development and ADA compliance audits.

We are a boutique creative agency offering custom websites, social media management, conversational marketing through custom chatbots, and ensuring your website is accessible to all potential customers through ADA compliance.

Whether you are enhancing your existing web site, creating an online business venture, or providing a mobile or web application, VRG through our graphic design, application coding services, and search engine optimization (SEO), offers you the most effective tools and resources to ensure a creative and functional online presence at a cost that allows you a great return on your investment.

VRG knows that web sites are often designed for the computer savvy. We stress functionality and simplicity to create user-friendly sites that are easy to navigate and cater to your specific target market. For an example of or work, view our portfolio of past and present clients.

We consider ourselves partners with our clients and as such view online marketing as an investment in the growth of our clients’ business, and not an expense. To that end, we can work with you to find a solution that fits any budget.

VRG services the Noshoba Valley web design and SEO Market including greater Lowell and the area of Burlington, Chelsmford, Westford, Littleton, Acton, and up to Tyngsboro and Nashua, NH and all nearby cities and towns.

Why Us?

Adjustable Strategies

When working in an industry so volatile as digital marketing, sometimes it takes a lot of power to admit a tactical mishap and correct it on the go. We're just like that - keeping only the end goal in mind and being flexible enough along the way to make it work!

Work Within Your Budget

We offer both semi-custom and fully custom web site design to provide your business with a unique branding opportunity. Your website is often the first time a potential customer sees your business and their attention span often is very short, so your design must pop right away. The best part is the cost for a customized website which is optimized for search engines can cost you under $2,295.

SEO First

We assist small and mid-sized companies enhance their rankings for local search and for major geocentric keyword terms on search engines and promote their social media campaigns. These optimization techniques and value-added content developments result in a high ranking, useful web sites and web apps that generate revenue.

Median short-tail SERP position for our big clients

Average sales rise after 1 year of our services

Percentage of our returning customers

Leah Graff
Leah Graff
Leah has worked with VRG Web Design on and off since 2009, and in 2016 became our lead graphic designer. Leah grew up in a family who ran a commercial photography business, so she was
Dan Smith
Dan Smith
Dan has worked with hundreds of blogs and websites by researching and drafting articles to help build content to bolster search engine rankings and provide great information to our client's readers. Dan is a graduate
Vince Tong
Vince Tong
Vince has worked with the company since 2003 as a PHP and ASP programmer and currently supervises the team of developers on all mobile app and complex development projects.
Michael Goldstein
Michael Goldstein
Michael, is Certified in Google Analytics and has been leading the team of developers, designers and marketers since 1998. He has also been in instructor in the webmaster certification program at Merrimack College, and has

Do you have a prior experience of work in Digital Marketing?

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A:  SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization for a good reason. Basically, it consists of a whole range of activities, all aimed at making Search Engines (like Google; Yahoo; Bing) notice your website and ranking it higher. Long story short, that is a marketing activity that helps your website pop up on 1st place in Google, when a “keyword” or a “search string” is entered, meaning Google now thinks your website is the Best source for anything on the “keyword” topic. Our additional service, SEO Copywriting is usually what it takes to make it all work together.
A:  Think of it that way: Internet is like a street, where there are many Clothing stores. But if even Oxford street or Rodeo drive have just dozens of shops competing, the Internet has millions. That’s right. This means each time you will want a better ranking, you will be trying to beat *thousands* of other websites in this game. And that kind of a competition means “investment”.
A: Besides SEO, we also gladly offer SEO Copywriting; Digital Strategy penning and Execution; PPC contextual ads campaigns (Bing Ads; Google Adwords); Social (New) Media Marketing and so on…