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Using Chatbots in an e-commerce Store

One of the biggest concerns facing online retailers is how to mimic the in-store experience for customers who want to speak to an actual knowledgeable salesperson.  Now through the advent of artificial intelligence technologies and the creation of talking avatars and chatbots who can engage with online customers and ask them sales related questions, there is a solution for both customers and e-commerce retailers.

A chatbot can help guide an online customer to what products they are looking for and then through the process to purchase their goods and complete the credit card transaction.  It is a great way to save a sale even if a customer for any reason the purchase stops during the checkout process after selecting a product, the chat agent can immediately check to inquire if the customer has any questions or needs more information to complete the sale.  This should decrease shopping cart abandonment for the site. 

A business can also use the chatbot to offer personalized instant discount coupon codes to a potential customer to get the “off the fence” to  complete an important transaction.  In addition, by using a chatbot, you be able to collect, name, email and other personal information to help build a mailing list from website visitors who are just browsing, and gives the store the opportunity to retarget the potential buyer to get them to come back at a later date.  All the bot has to do is ask for a name and email in exchange for a coupon to use in the future.

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Podcast on ADA compliance for Websites

how to make a website accessible

listen live to ADA podcast

Michael Goldstein, the owner of VRG Web Design is also a licensed attorney in Massachusetts and has practiced disability discrimination law for over 10 years.  Due to his combined experience as a lawyer working with handicap individuals and his over 20 years of experience in website design and search engine optimization, he has put together a podcast episode to discuss the issues and concerns about business owners websites need to comply with the Americans with disabilities act and also how by doing so, a website can improve in Google ranking.

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